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Natural Wonder at Lake Toba

2 Dec

Natural Wonder at Lake Toba

It seems hard to picture a lake that is so peaceful and stunning, yet so vibrant with activities. Visitors can enjoy hiking, swimming, sailing or just relax while taking in the beautiful views of the picturesque mountains. Since the lake is situated close to the equator, makes it rather unique. Sitting 2,953 feet above sea level gives it a cooler climate with less heat and humidity.

Lake Toba is not just another lake; in fact, it is not even your typical lake. At over 436.30 square miles, and a depth of 1,657 feet, makes it the largest volcanic lake in the world. This natural wonder is enormous in size, so large that it has an island nearly the size of Singapore. What is even more astounding are the dimensions of the lake. Just imagine if the lake was lined up, it would stretch from West Point to the Statue of Liberty.


Visitors can find accommodation on the mainland in the town of Parapat. Some of the most spectacular views of the lake can be seen heading down from the hillside town of Berastagi into Parapat. A trip to the Batak Museum at Balige is where visitors can learn more about the Batak culture. There are plenty of other hotels around the lake and on the island of Samosir that visitors can choose from.

The larger island of Samosir invites visitors with hospitality and a chance to explore their culture. It is the original home of the Batak Toba people, offering many ancients sites including stone tombs and traditional villages.


After a day’s worth of sightseeing, visitors can kick back and relax over some traditional palm wine with the locals. Enjoy some early morning coffee with the Islanders and see why the Batak hospitality is legendary. With a relaxed atmosphere, warm and friendly people and beauty of the lake region is what attracts visitors from across the globe to Lake Toba.


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